Traffic Safety Innovation Award Recipients


Alicia Lewis

Alicia Lewis

This year’s award recipient is the KARE 11 #eyesUP Campaign.

KARE 11 TV news has been working for years on the issue of distracted driving, and this year took an innovative approach to help put an end to this dangerous behavior in Minnesota with the #eyesUP Campaign. Federated Insurance, a longtime sponsor and advocate for traffic safety, partnered with KARE 11 to sponsor the campaign.

KARE 11 launched the campaign live from Chanhassen High School in April 2017 and linked to other schools around the state. During the hour-long show, hosts Alicia Lewis and Bryan Piatt from KARE 11 were joined by Matt Logan, who lost his daughter in a crash caused by texting and driving. Logan is dedicated to spreading the message to teenagers about the dangers of distracted driving.

After the live show, KARE 11 has continued the conversation in various segments that highlight the work of distracted driving advocates around the state and some of the important tools and resources being developed to change distracted driving behavior. The station airs weekly segments and daily reminders of the campaign. Viewers are encouraged to keep the conversation going using the #eyesUP hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The campaign information page includes sobering distracted driving statistics from MN DPS as well as a safe driving pledge. Those who sign the pledge agree to keep their eyes on the road and not drive distracted—by a cell phone, music, eating, talking, or other factors—and to pass along the message to others they care about. To date, more than 3,000 people have taken the pledge.


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