Traffic Safety Innovation Award Recipients


Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride

This year’s award recipient is Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride, a volunteer organization that works to educate riders on ways to keep impaired motorcyclists off the road. 

Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride first began its work as a committee of American Bikers for Awareness Training & Education (ABATE) of Minnesota and the Minnesota Motorcycle Riders Association in the late 1980s. Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization in 1992. The organization encourages motorcyclists to choose not to drink when they ride and educates them in intervention tactics to keep impaired riders from riding. However, when other options aren’t available, the organization also provides a free ride for the rider, motorcycle, and passenger, if present. While most of the transportation has been for alcohol-impaired motorcyclists, Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride also provides free motorcycle transportation service for any impairment. Since the 1980s, it estimates it has brought about interventions or provided transportation for more than 500 riders, their passengers, and their motorcycles.

The organization engages in outreach to bars around the state to get its message out; this year, its bar coasters and posters were used and displayed in more than 1,000 Minnesota bars. Members also distribute wallet cards at events to educate riders on its service, and several Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center instructors hand out the cards to their students. Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride operates each riding season from the last weekend of April through the last weekend in October and is primarily staffed and funded by ABATE of Minnesota. 


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